• Leonard B. Van Betuw

    Mr. Van Betuw was awarded a BSc (Hon.) Degree in Geophysics in 1987 becoming recognized for his expertise in the area of design and delivery of services formed from a comprehensive suite of geophysical experiences developed over 25 years as a manager, executive, and Geophysicist.

    Early in Leonard’s career, he spent most of his time abroad for various companies from 1998 to 1992.  This is where Mr. Van Betuw began forming of what will become his managerial skill sets. During these years, Mr. Van Betuw held various contract positions and consulting roles including Geophysicist for Can-Oxy in Yemen, Operations Supervision for Veritas Geophysical and Operations Manager in Canada and Venezuela with Western Atlas International. Between 1998 and 2006, Kintex Inc. was formed as a private company where Leonard acted as President.  In 2006, the company was acquired and went public as Kintex Resources Corporation where Mr. Van Betuw became President until 2010.

    Mr. Van Betuw consulted as an advisor with Life Sciences Institute from 2006 until 2011 when the company changed its name to Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd/. a TSX listed Junior Oil and Gas Company.  In 2011, he was appointed President and CEO until 2017.

    In February, 2017, Leonard Van Betuw became President and CEO of Avila Exploration and Development Canada Ltd.

  • Daniel Lucero

    Mr. Daniel Lucero More than 15 years’ experience in resource exploration in Latin America and the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, as Exploration Manager at Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd., for 6 years, WCSB and Latin America Chief Geoscientist at Kintex Geosciences Exploration, Geologist at CoalCorp Mining and Andicoal. Daniel graduated in 2004 from the National University of Colombia (Bogota-Colombia) with BSc in Geology.

  • Jeff Decter

    With more than 35 years’ experience including sales, management and financing and President of Integrity Financial Corp focused on financing since 1998 and restructuring.  Prior to 1998. Mr. Decter was constantly in the top 3 in sales at a national communications company that had offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver developing a number of marketing strategies. His experience and network of individuals and organizations provides Avila with a broader foundation for independent advice prior to making measured decisions prior to the aggressive execution of its business and marketing plans.

  • Chris Valentine

    Prior to Co-founding Celeres, Mr. Valentine was a Co-Founder & Co-managing partner of TSU Capital, a boutique financial firm advisory headquartered in New York, offering strategic and advisory services for institutional clients with a focus on structured finance, financial services, real estate and energy.

    Prior to forming TSU, Chris was one of the co-founders and Head of Investment Banking at Bonwick Capital Partners, a boutique investment bank in New York. Prior to forming Bonwick, Mr. Valentine accumulated a decade of experience in structured finance, private equity and M&A. Experience in emerging markets via founding Dubai-based consulting firm Valentine & Company as well as being a Director – Private Equity & Real Estate at Istithmar World (a Dubai Sovereign Wealth Fund). Significant investment exposure co-managing a $3.8Bn portfolio of private equity investments in global financial services and a $1.8Bn portfolio of real estate/lodging investments in Africa. Mr. Valentine began his career in the Global M&A Group at JPMorgan before joining Goldman Sachs, where he split his time between the Principal Finance Group in Structured Products and the Financial Institutions Group in Investment Banking. Accumulating extensive experience in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, private equity investment and direct portfolio management globally; previously a member of several boards of directors for financial services companies internationally.

    Chris has a B.B.A. Finance (with an independent study in Actuarial Science) from Howard University in 2001.