Company Profile

Avila Energy Corporation ("Avila" or “the Company “) with its head office in Calgary, Alberta, was incorporated on January 13, 2010, pursuant to the provisions of the Business Corporations act of Alberta.

The Company, publicly listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE:VIK.CN), is an established producer, explorer, and developer of Energy in Canada.  Avila Energy continues accelarating its organic plans to become a low-cost Carbon Neutral Energy Producer by 2024 and to become a “Best in Class Integrated Supplier of Energy by 2027”.  

These milestones will be achieved with its established team, supported through the application of sound economics, in combination with the investment in Proven Engineering, Production, Carbon Capture and Sequestration techniques directed towards the Company’s aim of delivering a fully integrated carbon neutral solution to Energy Consumers.

The foundation for the Company’s balanced growth in 2022 is the consolidation of 125,875 acres (net) of developed and undeveloped mineral rights in Canada within a net work of over 250 kms of associated pipelines and natural gas processing facilities.  Currently Avila sells its products throughout North America, as a result of having direct tie-ins to TC Energy’s continental pipeline network.   This in turn positions Avila to sell to industrial end users throughout North America and alternatively in 2023 directly to retail consumers through its Integrated Energy Business.

In 2021 the Company focused on balancing its Portfolio through Acquisitions and the Consolidation of Operations, positioning to become a diversified energy producer optimizing its Owned and Operated Assets.  Over the previous two years prior to commencing to increase Production, and Processing Operations in 2022, the Company focused on the preliminary engineering for the Vertical Integration of its assets with its developing Energy Business to position to become an integrated provider of Energy by 2024 in North America.  Furthermore, Avila continues in parallel to advance opportunities internationally in Europe the Caribbean and South America.

Avila’s long-term focus being the generation of resilient high Impact Margins based on its optimized, fully integrated operations and the continuing focus on best- in-class development costs resulting in the sale of a diverse Vertically Integrated complement of Energy to Private and Public Consumers.